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Zence Moods & Skintech

Products designed to
enhance your life Moods:

You choose your mood - get energized, concentrate, or relax we have the perfect moods for you.

Skin Tech: for sanitizing protection nothing is better, or more safe for your skin. With up to 4 hours of protection while gently moisturizing your skin.


Bill Genius

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Buum Foundation

Each and every box that you purchase will benefit a hungry child so you’re putting your footprint in earth to bring forth change in young children’s LIVES globally in your purchase in Zence. So thank you for your love donation in this purchase💜

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Magnificent Testimonials

I am telling you the CBD CANNIBAS products are simply FANTASTIC! The name itself Fye! Is just that! I had pain in my knees and I followed the instruction on the bottle. I swear the pain was gone in 30 minutes try this product. It was a blessing that changed my life!!!

Sharon D

The Young's has given me a new lease on life with this new normal and stress levels being on a all time high. Just as simple as breathe in and breathe out the calmness, relaxation and peace needed to get through 2020. 

Tasha A

I am usually skeptical of any new technology that can be worn, but the alcohol in the sanitizers were drying out my hands. So I decided to give this SkinTech, the 4 hour invisible glove a try.

One word WONDERNIFICENTASTIC!!! My mind could not be wrapped around the softness I was feeling! My hands wasn't dry in between washing it definitely last. This product is a game changer!

Guy C

OMG! Zence is better and last longer than a cup of coffee or even toxic energy drinks. It’s gives you a BURST of natural energy that lasts over the 12 hours.  I went for a run then I put a Zence on and instead of running a daily 5k. I ran a 10k feeling invigorating! Zence does make sense! Thanks so much to Greg and Shateta you have helped my goal to get to my marathon status. 

Thomas J.

Trading Educational Platform

Zence SkinTech Testimonial

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